Helping businesses succeed is the heart of business law for associate attorney James Rippeon. He’s focused on elevating the client-lawyer relationship, putting their needs at the forefront of every interaction.

James’ role is to provide continuous care for our clients. In addition to furnishing advice and guidance, it’s James’ mission to identify the small issues that can crop up in the course of doing business — things that may seem small potatoes, but over time can become big, expensive problems.

If business, litigation, and real estate law solutions are what’s called for, James is in charge of the matters that come along with the territory.

Today, James has come a long way from the classroom getting his JD at the George Washington University Law School and a BA in Government & Law and Anthropology & Sociology from Lafayette College. We’re so glad he’s on our team.

Read more about James’ approach and philosophy on our blog and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Book Recommendation

If you’re looking for a great book, James is seriously inspired by Darren Hardy’s The Compound Effect. The idea that one must approach a problem with little fixes, applied consistently and over time is what’s called for when making sustainable impact is indeed compelling. Whereas blunt force — coming at a thing with in a battle of attrition — doesn’t really help much.

Headshot of James Rippeon