As our clients work to build their businesses...

sometimes they have questions related to what will happen to their business when they're gone, such as:

What happens to my business when I pass away?

What happens to my interest in the business when I pass away?

How can I protect the value of my business in the event of my death?

How can I ensure that the right people take over business at my death?

What happens if my business partner passes away?

Does my business partner’s spouse have an interest in the business when my business partner dies?

How will my estate pay the estate tax without liquidating the business?

And sometimes they have other questions, related to their families:

How can I ensure that my spouse and kids will be provided for upon my death?

Will my estate have to pay estate tax? How much? Can I reduce the taxes my estate will owe?

If both my spouse and I pass away, how will the kids be protected?

Do I need a Trust?

Do I need a Will if I have a Trust?

Do I need a Will if everything is titled jointly with my spouse?

Who should be my personal representative? Who should be my trustee?

How can I protect my assets?

What happens if I become incompetent?

How does probate work?

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There's no need to wonder what happens to your business after you pass away. We can help take the mystery out of estate planning and ensure that your family and your assets are handled well, even after you're gone.

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