Momentum Law Group Approach

We take pride in providing the highest quality legal services to our clients, but we don't do it in the typical "lawyery" way. Our mission is to create a uniquely positive lawyer client relationship with our entrepreneur clients by helping them feel better and more confident about their legal matters which we do by using a psychology, business and then law approach to their concerns.

In particular, when evaluating their questions or concerns, we first look at the psychology behind any decision and how it will affect the entrepreneur, as well as others involved. The next step is to look at the business implications and how each alternative could positively or negatively impact the business. Only after we evaluate the psychological and business conditions, does the legal approach come into play. Entrepreneurs move at 100 miles per hour; our goal is to remove any speedbumps that might interfere with their momentum.  


Client Experience

To us, success comes from truly knowing and understanding our clients – their passions, goals, as well as their concerns – because no one answer or approach fits every question or situation. We get to know you. We ask questions. We listen. Our clients walk away with the very best answers to their own unique questions and situations having gone through a client/lawyer experience unlike any other.



We know just how irritating it is when someone won’t call you back or when you don’t feel like you’re a priority. At Momentum we take great pride in our responsiveness. Whether it’s giving a “non-update update” just to touch base regarding a matter or a friendly “checking in” touch point, we will treat you the way you want to be treated.

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Risk Awareness

We aggressively advocate for our clients, but we never lose sight of the fact that the goal is to move their business forward the right way – at a level of risk that is within their comfort zone. As a client, we'll ensure that you're kept well aware of both the magnitude and likelihood of the risks you face in any given situation, from the beginning of the process through to the end. The result: you can rest assured that you will understand what's in front of you. 


Our Values

being different
& better

 telling the kind truth

being chess players

Being accurate

being drama-free 

being people/business-centric