When our clients are moving into a new office or retail space, we help with questions such as:

I’m moving into a new office/retail space, what does the process look like?

What should and shouldn’t be in my letter of intent?

Is my lease negotiable? How do I know what to ask for?

What is typical to expect with this type of lease? For example, is it typical for my landlord to have the right to force me to move to a different space? Or: I thought we had agreed to a 10-year lease term, is it typical that landlord can terminate early if they want to?

Do I have to guarantee the entire lease term?

What happens if the business isn’t doing well?

The lobby area of an office building
People In Office

As an entrepreneur's business grows so does the need for space to accommodate more employees, equipment, and general business needs. It is a good problem to have and can be an incredibly exciting step in taking your business to the next level.

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