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We do one thing: represent entrepreneurs.

We serve as the outside legal counsel for businesses throughout the Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. metro area. Our clients range from startups by serial entrepreneurs to well established companies with hundreds of employees.


Speedbumps Eliminated from our Clients' Business Lives

What's a speedbump? It's anything that has an adverse impact on your momentum.


Our Approach

Psychology, business, and then law.

We take pride in providing top quality legal services to our clients, but we don't do that in the typical "lawyery" way. Everything we do is centered around creating a uniquely positive relationship with our clients by using a psychology, business, and then law approach.

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Blog Posts

Interesting things and important stuff.

August is Make a Will month!

Your favorite charity may be reaching out to you this month, because August is “Make a Will Month,” and if you want to leave something…

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Uh-Oh Ventures into a JV (Joint Venture)

While Bill’s business had been steadily growing for a while, over the last several months, business started to plateau and even fall slightly. So, being…

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Bill Does a Background Check (and Gets More Than He Was Looking For)

Bill Wiseacre’s last attempt at hiring a new employee didn’t go so smoothly. Having learned his lesson the hard way, he decided to seek the…

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