We’re here to remove any speedbumps that may adversely impact our clients' momentum

Momentum Law Group serves as the outside legal team for entrepreneurs and owner-operated small and medium sized businesses in Maryland, Virginia, and DC. We provide a focused array of legal services covering the following areas of law: corporate/business, employment, commercial real estate, government contracts, litigation, intellectual property and estate planning.

Corporate/Business Law

Do you need guidance drafting or reviewing documents, or helping structure or plan for the future of the business? We treat every client as though their business was our own. We empathetically and passionately help your business throughout its lifecycle: from start-up to growth and then exit.

Commercial Real Estate Law

Are you leasing or buying an office or retail space? Doing so is an incredibly exciting step in building your business. We share your enthusiasm and we will help you feel confident about taking this important step.

Employment Law

Deciding whether to classify a new hire as an employee or independent contractor? Want to make sure your employment agreements and offer letters are sound? Not sure how to let an employee go? As the entrepreneur's general counsel, we handle myriad employment-related matters, including employee handbooks and incentive plans, as well as related human resource needs.

Estate Planning & Administration

Want to make sure you protect your assets and provide for your heirs? We help you plan for what makes the most sense for your family.  We focus on what's important to you and will help you understand the options available.


Have you had an employee violate a restrictive covenant?  Do you have a client or customer that hasn't done what they are supposed to do?  Do you have a partner (member/shareholder) that did something they shouldn't have done? We will aggressively advocate for you if the need arises. Contact us for more information about our litigation services.