Our clients come to us with a variety of questions regarding their employees.


Sometimes those questions are related to positive situations, such as:

We want to hire our first or one hundred seventeenth employee. What do we need to know?

Related to that, how can we protect the company’s intellectual property, relationships, etc.?

We want to incentivize our key employees to stay but don’t necessarily want to make them owners, what can we do?

Sometimes, they are just seeking information, such as:

How do we know whether our worker is really an independent contractor or are they in actuality an employee?

I pay my employee a salary, I don’t have to worry about overtime or minimum wage, right?

And sometimes, unfortunately, their questions are related to not so happy situations, such as:

We want to fire someone. How can we increase the likelihood that it’ll go smoothly?

An employee just quit and he or she said we did something wrong and has threatened to bring a claim against us. What now?

Someone quit and is stealing all of our clients, our intellectual property, our employees, etc. What can we do?

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Whatever your employment questions
may be, we're here to help.

To learn more about our philosophy behind helping our clients, please see our philosophy page.