June 24, 2019

When it comes to formulating resolutions to legal and business issues, James Rippeon knows that creative solutions get exceptional results. 

“The best way to solve a problem,” he says, “is to think about all of the people who are invested in this outcome and meet them where they’re at emotionally. Everyone needs to respect each other’s needs, time, and sacrifice. When we embrace other perspectives and evaluate issues as a whole, we can come up with leading edge answers to age old problems.”

James is the newest member of the team at Momentum Law Group and we’re so glad to have him on board.

We’ve been looking for the perfect fit in an associate attorney for some time now, so when James sat down for his interview, we knew right away that he was it.

He embraces a collaborative experience, working across a team to manifest win-win scenarios for all involved. He’s invested in the same ideals that make up the long-term vision of how our firm approaches servicing our clients — from advice and guidance to transactional matters, always bring value-add to the program.

James comes to the table with specialized experience working for a small firm in litigation, but his passion and deep interest lies in helping businesses invest and grow. “I can relate to a business' desire to build,” he says. (James has a few entrepreneurial adventures of his own, you see.)

When asked about his hopes for the legal profession, he doesn’t hesitate to answer: he’s on charge to elevate communications between the lawyer and client. “Let’s be on a continuous mission to better ourselves and everybody wins.” We couldn’t agree more.

Help us welcome James to Momentum Law Group by reaching out to say “hi” at james@momentumlawyers.com.

Bring him your questions about overcoming obstacles and building a strong and healthy business. In fact, those are his favorite topics.

Read more about James on our company page and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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