Momentum Shift

Momentum Shift

Transition your business without missing a step.

There are so many “what ifs” in business — around your team, finances, contracts.

It’s no wonder that owner/operators lose sleep thinking about what would happen to their business if they were no longer around to run things.

That institutional knowledge that right now only you know, these are the keys that unlock your value in the market.

Through all of our experience working with entreprenuers, we’ve seen too many worst-case-scenarios to count when none of this knowledge capital is documented. All of that loss is preventable by creating a Operations Will that gets all of that keystone stuff out of your head, and onto paper.

We identified this gap and built a unique framework to identify and capture the key information that unlocks the success of your succession. We provide a one-of-a-kind living document to put all of those "what ifs" to bed. 

Momentum Shift is the business service that extracts all of the institutional knowledge (all the stuff in your head) and delivers it in comprehensive reporting that you can pass along to the next person in charge, because only Momentum Shift allows your business to transition without missing a step.

Stop spending precious brain space worrying about what would happen if you weren’t there — Momentum Shift makes it easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy for anyone on your trusted team to answer that question.

To learn more about Momentum Shift, see our full-length feature brochure, or reach out to sara@mshiftbusiness.comWe think you’ll like what you see. 


What can I say about Mike other than he is one-of-a-kind. He is not only smart and skilled but he's genuinely kind and supportive. He's one of those people that you call when you are in a tough situation. He's a terrific listener. He's able to connect the dots and relate to complex situations. He's full of advice and fresh perspectives. He's also terrific with SaaS contracts. employment agreements, vendor agreements, separation agreements and a lot of the core legal structures needed to start and scale operations. He's a perfect for any startup and growth company. He was our go-to legal advisor for day-to-day operations. He was also a trusted advisor to this CEO. Michael Tuteur Turnaround CEO


Momentum Law Group serves as the outside legal team for entrepreneurs and owner-operated small and medium sized businesses in Maryland, DC, and throughout the DC Metro area. We provide a focused array of legal services covering the following areas of law: corporate/business, employment, commercial real estate, government contracts, litigation, intellectual property and estate planning. 

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