Admin / Operations Manager

Our firm is privileged to only work with people we like, so no giant egos (regular-sized ones and confident people are, of course, welcome), no prima donnas, and absolutely, positively no narcissists.

We are looking for an operations manager, i.e., someone who can help us (and me) (i) handle the day to day operational needs, such as helping with billing and providing general administrative support and remembering the stuff I forget (along with the not so fun stuff, like filing, typing, scheduling meetings, sending out mail, photocopying, etc.) and (ii) assist us with our marketing initiatives.

The more helpful you are, the more you can help us grow and build momentum.

If you are interested in working with us and you think you'd be a good fit for our firm, please send your resume and the most compelling letter you can that tells us why you'd be a great fit.

Of course, because attention to detail is so incredibly important in what we do, please use the word "momentum" in all caps in the body of your letter.

Part-time (20-25 hours week and could become a full time role in the future)  
Compensation: tbd

"Unlike other lawyers who may overly focus on risk, Michael is able to present the full picture with the risks and rewards. This helps his clients make better decisions. Working with Michael has been a pleasure." Issa Barkett Founder & President, Netsource Interactive, Inc


Momentum Law Group serves as the outside legal team for entrepreneurs and owner-operated small and medium sized businesses in Maryland, DC, and throughout the DC Metro area. We provide a focused array of legal services covering the following areas of law: corporate/business, employment, commercial real estate, government contracts, litigation, intellectual property and estate planning. 

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